Cost of living going up in Turkey

The cost of living in Turkey increased in December 2006. The monthly cost of living for a family of four is now 2106 YTL and 1059 YTL for a single family home.

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4 responses to “Cost of living going up in Turkey

  1. I will be moving to Istanbul (Istinye) in September 2007. I will earn $ US 2, 800 monthly with housing included. Can I live on 600- 800$ monthly and save 2000$ monthly?

  2. If you aren’t planning on doing very much then it is plenty. Going out to dinner, taking taxis, going to the movies and things like that are very expensive here.

    I personally could live off of $800 a month, but I don’t go out very often and I eat out about once a week.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I too will be moving to istanbul with my family(of 3) end of March 2007, earning 4000$. I am concerned about the relocation costs and the monthly costsawqw, and whether I will be able to save money if I rent a big convenient flat and put my daughter in school.
    1) how much is the rent for a 170 sqm apartment in a family-friendly neighborhood in Istanbul, slightly upperscale. lots of relatives are already planning to visit…
    2) average fees of english or french speaking schools
    3) monthly cost of living if we go out often to middle-range restaurants and other activities
    4) costs of having a car
    5) cost of help at home
    6) general figure needed to furnish the apartment

    Thanks for the help

  4. On $4000 a month you will have a hard time doing everything you asked. I’ll answer your questions the best I can but there is a website for expats in Turkey that you might want to check out: Most of your questions have been answered in its forum section.

    1) Upscale neighborhoods are expensive. For example in Levent you could find something for around 2500ytl. Florya is around 1600ytl and Yenikoy is around 2500ytl.

    A middle class neighborhood might work for you.
    For example, you could find something in Tarabya for around 1600ytl

    2) The international school and the British school are somewhere around $12K a year (if i’m not mistaken). If you call them I’m sure they can give you the exact price.

    3) The cost of living really depends on what those activities are. Some people get by on 1000ytl a month others 3000ytl. But I would say plan on a minimum of 1000ytl a month, especially if you plan on taking the family out a few nights a week.

    4) Will you be buying the car or bringing a car with you? Cars are really expensive here as is gas (something like $6-7 a gallon)

    5) The standard price for a cleaning lady is around 50ytl a day.

    6) It really depends on where you want to buy. There is an Ikea you could check out their website.

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