Gul is elected Turkey’s 11th president

Abdullah Gul is elected Turkey’s eleventh president by parliament Tuesday afternoon. He won the election in the third round with 339 votes.


5 responses to “Gul is elected Turkey’s 11th president

  1. Is Abdullah Gul “islamist” enough that there’s a creditable chance that the Turkish military will be forced to intervene – again?

  2. Hope sooner rather than later some one should intervine, as there seems to be too much media control from AKP brainwashing every one, and to clear everything we will not turn into IRAN, as the National TV(TRT) has already started turning into more religious programs, etc etc.. one thing for sure the people who voted or america(which every one knows the systems were hacked on the night), not to mention AKP signed a agreement with Microsoft in 2003 making sure everything is american owned, well who ever has the software wins the votes i guess..

  3. i hope 80 years of ata-turk tyranny ends.

  4. All of Turkish Nation are very very grateful and happy for our new President who is supported by every one in Turkey. Finally, Honest Men are going to rise to power in Turkey.Thanks to God.
    As Turkish Nations, we love human being in the World.
    In salutation

  5. First of all there is no question about how extreme/islamist Abdullah gul is because of his roots, which political parties he was from and who he got his education from(Fettullah Gullen), which considers himself to be sent by god enought to change his name, and wants to start an empire again, Mr Gul is one of his students, I dont really care but the problems reside when they only promote and find work for there own voters or followers, how about the other Turks?

    Turkish Airlines, to start with is almost own by AKP you can only get a job if you prbe or join the group so this is a major problem form EDUCATION to any job, If youre an Imam you can get any job(no need for an degree), what the hell is that… why study at university ? Bad thing is that, i wont go back to turkey after this..

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