Istanbul 2nd most dangerous city in Europe

Istanbul is ranked the second most dangerous city in Europe (out of 75 cities) according to a Eurobarometer study for the quality of life.



11 responses to “Istanbul 2nd most dangerous city in Europe

  1. You have to be responsible what you are putting on your web side. I REGRET what you are writing about Istanbul which is unbelievable created story. Can somebody tell me why people telephone people and ask do u feel safe in Istanbul in narrow roads or late in the dark? then modifiye the answers and make a heading istanbul is the second most dangerous city i Europe and not say anything about the first one ??? What I know of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful city in the world and as safe as any cosmopolitan city in the world

  2. I only write things about Turkey, thats why the first city wasn’t mentioned. And yes Istanbul is a great city.

  3. so which is the most dangerous chisinau?

  4. I totally agree!! Naples is the “champion” of violent crime in EU, Istanbul (and Turkey, generally) is the second one, Sofia third. South Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are very dangerous places to live.
    Oslo, Helsinki, Reykjavík, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon are the safest. No doubt!.
    UK, France, Spain.. dangerous?? Is a myth, obviously.

  5. naples the champions?jajaj have you seen naples and south italy?have you seen ucranian romania and other eastern country of europe?have you seen albania?..the south of italy is danger?jajaj oh mi god..if you see beautiful places like salerno,amalfi,lecce,brindisi,scalea and the magical sicily you can see realy the magical athmosphere..french and spain are beautiful country but paris underground is horrible same thing for all the spanish cities..full of gipsy camp(chabolas),prostitucion,alchooli addict and trafic of drugs

  6. I don’t know if Istanbul the second most dangerous city, however my experience was very bad, I have noticed the following:
    Some Turkish guys in many tourist areas would approach you telling you to visit their new shop that has nice bar and music, and if you get there you will be forced to pay a huge bill for few drinks, and if you try to argue you will get you a** kicked, really don’t trust anyone but the police and hotels. Also when you order food in most places they will always try to add additional dishes you never orderd and they play dumb if you ask as if they don’t understand you and they will always add to the bill additional charges you will never understand it.
    What kind of a tourist city is this? I will never come back and I will tell all my friends not to come to Istanbul.
    The police should clean the city

  7. Duarte Martins

    Paris dangerous?? horrible??? You’re so crazy, man. Paris is beautiful and one of the safest big cities of Europe, with a very low crime rates and very low homicide rate, as well as Lisbon (the safest!), Vienna, Ljubljana and Valletta (Malta),… Italy, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Baltic countries are the hotspots of crime in european union. Istanbul is so dangerous!Mkshehabi, you’re absolutely right. I will never come back to Turkey!!!

    Albania?? Oh dear… I want to live until World Cup 2014! 😛

  8. what???? I ve lived in Lisbon 6 months and it’s pretty dangerous on the night, almost all my friends have been robbed.. it’s a beautiful city, i love it, but is not that safe. South italy except Naples is really safe, one of safest place of the world. I’m from there and i ve never been robbed, and no one turist neither.
    Tourists in Naples must not wear fancy clocks and jewels, and take care their wallet

  9. I’ve lived in Istanbul for 15 years and I have never been in any kind of dangerous situation. People here are very welcoming and I have walked alone in streets at night and nothing ever happened. You’d be surprised to see how rich some parts of Istanbul are. I’ve never seen as many expensive cars and clothes in other european cities, why would they even try to rob tourists? You’re ranking is pure bullsh.t, you should be ashamed.

  10. Just came back from Istanbul and yes it’s an amazing place but it’s a dangerous shit hole. I’m a 35 yr old, 5ft 10, gym built man who can hit a punch and was approached many times and had my ass rubbed, felt and pinched by men and boys and asked to go for a drink at a local bar or into the park. One guy even stopped in his car, after I told him in the Hippodrome Sq area to fuck off, and insisted I get into his car as he wanted to be my friend and wanted me to finish him off! And no, I don’t look like some queen.
    I was travelling alone but felt safe but shocked at the fucking nerve of these fucking cunts. Fuck Turkey. I won’t be arsed going back to your dump of a CUNTry! PS, the Turkish westernised women are bitches!!!!

  11. Its an amazing city, but bars at night will charge you about 30 times what you have already fucking paid for standard drinks, like house wine.

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