I moved to Istanbul in 2003 from Chicago and have been living here ever since. Over the years I have found that unless you speak Turkish it is hard to keep on top of what is going on in Turkey. So, I decided to start up a news feed blog. I try to only include news that I think will be useful or interesting to foreigners living in Turkey.


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    have you seen today’s Millyet? Sad news about honor killings on the rise in Istanbul.

    you may wanna check it out here.


  2. Hello!

    My name is Meenakshi Ravi. I work with a team based in London which produces a weekly global media watch show called the Listening Post for Al-Jazeera English. Our broadcast takes critical and irreverent looks at global news coverage – of events and non-events.

    A story we are planning for our upcoming show will focus on the Turkish media. We would like to analyse what the Turkish media scene is like – the challenges, the pressures, the power of the media, etc. We will be looking at this especially from the angle of the news media’s coverage of the election campaigns in Turkey. Some of the questions we are hoping to answer are:
    – What are the pressures on Turkish journalists? Is the administration open to allowing a free press?
    – What have been the media biases evident in the press coverage of the election campaigns? Why do these biases exist?
    – What is the weakest aspect of the Turkish media?
    – What do you think is the future of the media in Turkey? Where does it have to improve? How will things have to change in Turkey to improve the media situation?

    A section of our show is called Global Village Voices. We ask for people’s opinions on the week’s stories via webcam.

    I read your blog and it’s clear that you are interested in issues involving Turkey and the Turkish media. It would be great to hear your response to some of the questions up there.

    Just in case you are able to do this, I have attached our list of hints and tips for video blogging. We would like to get your video file by Sunday if possible. The file will need to be uploaded, and I have attached instructions on how to do it below. You need not answer all the questions I have put up there. They are just for you to get an idea of what we are looking for. Feel free to pick just one and give us your reply. You could even break the mould completely and give us an opinion about Turkish news media that’s all your own.

    Here are those tips:

    – Install any software that comes with your webcam – unless you already have it.
    – Plug in your webcam.
    – Find a quiet place to record your comment, so that background noise doesn’t cause a problem.
    – Think about what is behind you in the picture. A plain backdrop is usually the best.
    – Secure the camera on an even surface so that it doesn’t wobble or shake.
    – Frame the picture so that you have your head an shoulders in frame with about a quarter of the frame left empty at the top, for head space (the more of your face we can see the better!)
    – Make sure that your microphone (often part of the webcam) is directed towards your face (if possible!)
    – Think about what you want to say before hand, but don’t worry about getting it all word for word, it’s good to be as natural as possible.
    – Don’t worry about getting it right first time you can always re-record as many times as you like.
    – If you find it difficult to look into the lens of the camera and talk, find a spot to focus on just above the camera and talk to that.
    – Record on your webcam software OR quicktime (.mov)
    – Once you start to record count 5 seconds in your head while looking at your spot, before you start to talk, and when you have finished count 5 seconds before stopping the recording. This will give us clean in and outs for edit.
    – Start your piece by saying your NAME, PROFESSION and LOCATION
    – Speak clearly and not too quickly.
    – Around a minute is the optimum length.
    – Once you are happy with your piece, save it and upload it to http://www.yousendit.com (you may need to register for free first). Direct the file to listeningpost@aljazeera.net.

    Would love to hear from you! Do call or mail me if you have any doubts.

    Assistant Producer, Listening Post
    Mobile #: 0044-(0)7783-891-049

    p.s: I apologize to have written all of this in a comment! Didn’t mean to hog so much space!

  3. Merhaba Kelly ve Türkiye’mize hoşgeldin, sefalar getirdin 🙂
    You might have started learning Turkish, I guess 🙂 ..

    As an answer to dear Meenakshi Ravi, the press in Turkiye has always been quite free. So much free that they can even make up news as to their wills or let me say it that way, they turn the news into a very different way, so that they could make you believe, a girl falls from the stairs and they present it “The men in the street beat the girl to death because she wore a short skirt.” .. God, we can’t even trust the media.
    I am a Muslim and unfortunately most of the media in Turkey is against Muslims, I dunno what the problem is with them.
    I read Today’s Zaman, I guess it is the most neutral newspaper.

    Have a nice bloggin’ and a nice day in Turkiye Kelly ..

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