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Erdogan submits his list of new cabinent members

PM Erdogan submits a list of his choices for a new cabinet to President Sezer. Elections for the next president start Monday, but Sezer is required to approve the list.



Security council meets to discuss the PKK and terrorism

Turkey’s National Security Council meets Wednesday and is expected to discuss the increase in terrorism and the security issues regarding the PKK in northern Iraq.


Sezer partially vetoes new work permit bill

Turkish President Sezer partially vetoes a bill that would have allowed foreigners to work for one year without showing professional or academic qualifications.


Turkish parliament to vote on amendments for a second time

Turkish parliament to vote for a second time on a set of amendments that include an amendment that would allow the people to vote for president instead of parliament.


Turkish president to remain in office

President Sezer’s seven-year term ends Wednesday. Since parliament was unable to elect a new president he will remain in office until a replacement is elected.


PM Erdogan pushes for popular vote presidential election

Prime Minister Erdogan pushes a constitutional amendment Monday that would have popular vote to elect Turkey’s president instead of parliament.


Campaigning begins for Turkey’s 11th president

Necdet Sezer’s term as president ends May 16. Elections for Turkey’s 11th president will be completed by May 16 and the new president will be sworn in on May 26.

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