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Dink trial resumes amid controversy

The Hrant Dink murder trial resumes Monday amid controversy. On Saturday a telephone recording was released, which suggested police knew about plots to kill Dink.




First day of Hrant Dink murder trial wraps up

When the court adjourned after the first day of the Hrant Dink murder trial it decided to only keep 8 of the 18 defendants in custody, but it did not drop any charges.


Trial for Hrant Dink’s murder begins in Istanbul

The trail against 18 suspects for Armenian journalist Hrant Dink’s murder begins in Istanbul Monday. Dink was shot to death outside of his office last year.

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Head of Istanbul police intelligence suspended

The head of the Istanbul police intelligence was suspended Monday because of claims that his office received information in 2006 about the plot to kill Hrant Dink.


Police looking into Samast footage

Police officials say the picture showing O. Samast in front of a Turkish flag saying “Of Ataturk” was taken at the Samsun police department.

Military statement (Turkish)


Five charged in Hrant Dink’s murder

Istanbul’s chief prosecutor told the press on Thursday that five people have been charged in relation to Hrant Dink’s murder.


Hrant Dink’s funneral to be held on Tuesday

The funeral for murdered journalist Hrant Dink will be held on Tuesday afternoon. Tens of thousands of people have gathered outside his office to mourn him.