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Turkey to celebrate independence day

Thursday August 30 is Turkey’s independence day. Government offices, banks, schools and many businesses will be closed for the day.


Authorities investigating reports of radioactive materials on Iranian plane

Turkey’s Interior Minister said authorities are investigating reports that the Iranian plane that crashed in Trabzon Sunday was carrying radioactive materials.


Wreakage from missing plane found

Turkish rescue workers find wreckage from the Iranian plane that went missing near Trabzon Sunday. Both pilots were killed in the crash.

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Large May Day demonstration expected Tuesday

Many Turkish labor unions and workers are expected to hold large demonstrations Tuesday in honor of International Workers’ Day (May Day).

Buying a home is next to impossible for most Turks

Most people in Turkey cannot afford to buy a home. The average monthly loan payment is 1800 YTL, which is higher than 80% of the population’s monthly income.


Turkey celebrates children’s day

Schools, government offices and many private companies will be closed Monday April 23 in honor of Children’s Day.

Helicopter crash in Trabzon

A helicopter carrying French kayakers in Trabzon crashed Sunday.  The gendarmerie rescued all six people on board and all are in good condition.

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