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Condoleezza Rice arrives in Ankara for talks with Turkish leaders

US Secretary of State Rice arrives in Ankara to offer Turkish leaders an “effective strategy” against the PKK in exchange for holding off on cross-border military action.



Parliament starts new legislative year

Turkish parliament starts a new legislative year Monday. Despite opposition from CHP members after the election, all parties are expected to attend Gul’s speech.


Gul is elected Turkey’s 11th president

Abdullah Gul is elected Turkey’s eleventh president by parliament Tuesday afternoon. He won the election in the third round with 339 votes.

Turkey prepares for round 3 in election

 Turkey’s parliament will hold round three of its presidential election Tuesday. Many predict that FM Gul will have enough votes this round to be elected president.


Round 2 in the presidential election to take place

Turkish parliament will hold its second round of presidential elections Friday. AK party’s candidate, Abdullah Gul, is expected to win next week in the third round.


Erdogan to military: Let the politicians deal with politics

PM Erdogan asks the Turkish military to stay out of the presidential election. The military has expressed its concerns over AK Party’s candidate Abdullah Gul.


Round one of presidential elections begins

The Turkish parliament starts the first round of the presidential elections Monday. After AK Party’s landslide victory in the general elections, Abdullah Gul appears to be the strongest candidate.